El Museo del Barrio                                   1230 Fifth Avenue, Museum Mile            New York, NY 10029

El Museo del Barrio 1230 Fifth Avenue, Museum Mile New York, NY 10029

El Museo del Barrio

1230 Fifth Avenue

Museum Mile,

New York, NY  10029

(212) 831-7272



Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm/Sunday-12:00pm-5:00pm/Closed: Tuesday

Fee: $9.00 for Adults/$5.00 Children & Seniors/Free: Members and children under 12/Seniors on Wednesdays


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The mission of El Museo del Barrio is to present and preserve the art and culture of Puerto Ricans and all Latin Americans in the United States. Through its extensive collections, varied exhibitions and publications, bilingual public programs, educational activates, festivals and special events, El Museo educates its diverse public in the richness of Caribbean and Latin American arts and cultural history.

El Museo del Barrio III

El Museo del Barrio

By introducing young people to this cultural heritage, El Museo is creating the next generation of museum-goers while satisfying the growing interest in Caribbean and Latin American art of a broad national and international audience.


El Museo was founded 45 years ago by artist and educator Raphael Montanez Ortiz and a coalition of parents, educators, artists and activists who not that mainstream museums largely ignored Latino artists. Since its inception, El Museo has been committed to celebrating and promoting Latino culture, thus becoming a cornerstone of El Barrio and a valuable resource for New York City.

El Museo del Barrio

The exhibitions in the Main Gallery

El Museo’s varied permanent collection of over 6,500 objects, spans more than 800 years of Latin American, Caribbean and Latino art, includes pre-Columbian Taino artifacts, traditional arts, twentieth-century drawings, painting, sculptures and installations as well as prints, photography, documentary films and video. For a brief overview of our  history and to explore the institutional chronology and exhibition history year by year.

EL Museo del Barrio II

The Galleries of  El Museo del Barrio

Our Purpose:

El Museo del Barrio’s purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the art and artifacts of Caribbean and Latin American cultures for posterity.

To enhance the sense of identify, self-esteem and self-knowledge of the Caribbean and Latin American peoples by educating them in their artistic heritage and bringing art and artists into their communities.

To provide an educational forum that promotes an appreciation and understanding of Caribbean and Latin American art and culture and its rich contribution to North America.

To offer Caribbean and Latin American artists greater access to institutional support in the national and international art world.

To convert young people of Caribbean and Latin American descent into the next generation of museum-goers, stakeholders in the institution created for them.

To fulfill our special responsibility as a center of learning and training ground for the growing numbers of artists, educators, art historians and museum professionals interested in Caribbean and Latin American Art.

The mission reaffirms the vision of Raphael Montanez Ortiz, who founded El Museo del Barrio in 1969 and of the Puerto Rican educators, artists and community activities who worked in support of this goal.

(El Museo del Barrio pamphlet online)


The museum features an extensive collection of around 8,500 pieces composed of pre-Columbian and traditional artifacts, particularly a large permanent Taino exhibit as well as 20th century arts and crafts, graphics and popular media, Mexican masks, textiles from Chile and photographs and traditional art from Puerto Rico. There are often temporary exhibits on Puerto Rican and Latino modern art. The museum also sponsors numerous festivals and educational programs throughout the year including the annual Three Kings Day parade.  Due to a lack of space prior to their 2009-2010 expansion, the museum began to place some of their permanent collection online. This also served as a means of audience development. (Wikipedia)



3 thoughts on “El Museo del Barrio 1230 Fifth Avenue, Museum Mile New York, NY 10029

  1. El Museo del Barrio shows once again the contribution of the Caribbean and Latin American immigrants in the USA. Moca: The Museum of Chinese, NY they guide walking tours of NY Chinatown for all ages. Very interesting to know about the origin of General Grant National Memorial in NY, mausoleum built in honor of the general Ulysses S. Grant. I admire people who are human and generous. I would like to go to Muscota Marsh and get to know a park that is remarkable for its landscape, and unusual for having both a freshwater marsh and a salt marsh. There is enough information about address, schedule, phone and cost of all the places that we could visit, it is a very good detailed job.

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    1. Dear Nancy,

      This is one of my newest sites and it was created to get people to notice the smaller museums, historical sites and community gardens that they may miss when traveling to an area, especially in Bergen County. We have so much to see and people forget to be ‘a tourist in their own town’. I have much more to post so please check in every once in awhile.


      Professor Justin Watrel

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